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Education for unprivileged
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Knowledge sharing

About Akshar

Akshar is an initiative to bring millions of students in the net of quality education. Dedicated and compassionate teachers and educators devote their time to transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired to those who need but can’t afford the same.

The seeker of the knowledge or the skill gets it by paying a very small price – each one has to ensure that she connects at least one more individual to this initiative.

The objective of AKSHAR is to make sure that there is no impediment to knowledge and skill acquisition for any individual.

How it works?

Step 1


Interested group of students, school or voluntary organizations get in touch with AKSHAR Team

Step 2


Akshar team analyses the academic requirements of the students’ group/institutions

Step 3


Akshar team draws a road map to meet the requirements which includes resource mobilization and plan implementation.

Step 4


Akshar and partnering groups/institutions do a joint assessment of the objectives accomplished and decide the next steps.


Live classes

Subjects covered are Languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science

Resource Facilitation

Books, stationery items and other academic resources are provided to the needy.

IT Infrastructure

Laptop/Desktops & other peripherals are made available for seamless dissemination of knowledge.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling is imparted to student to educate them about career opportunities.

Akshar Kit

A multimedia projector, a laptop with internet connection, speakers and mic. The kit is made available to students group who do not have access to smartphones or computers

High quality education

Affordable High Quality Education

Akshar live classes are conducted by subject experts with a very rich experience. This expertise is made available to those who do not have the access of it at a very reasonable fee – the fee is to bring and connect another individual to the initiative. At Akshar, we believe that education is incomplete without “Guru Dakshina” and for out students – the biggest guru dakshina we seek is to initiate others into Akshar.

Education in mother tongue

Education in vernaculars

It’s well established that education when imparted in the mother tongue is the most effective. Hence, at Akshar we make sure that each child gets the best education that too in her mother tongue. The pool of faculty members from different parts of our multilingual society are proactively honing their skills of content delivery in local languages.

Academic Resource Facilitation

Academic Resource Facilitation

No child should be deprived of education because of insufficient resources – study material, stationery and in today’s context, even the internet. The members of Akshar Network of Partners (ANP) are putting their best efforts to make sure that the required resources are adequately available to all those who need them

Akshar Network of Partners

Individual Partners

Institutional Partners

Let’s build a world where all kids get equal and affordable education
Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing