Empowering The Educator

Dec 18, 2020 | Blog | 1 comment

Empowering The Educator

It was a break after my regular classes, when I was going through my Twitter account. I am following few of my bureaucrat friends to keep myself updated with their activities while dealing with public affairs. It was during this browsing session when I chanced upon a post in which one of my friends had been tagged. I could see a picture of an individual conducting classes in an open field which, later I came to know, were called “Mohalla Classes” . I could see the effort being put there and with my experience of conducting classes I could relate to the decibel levels that teacher had to maintain to make sure that the lecture being delivered is an effective one. I  wrote to this individual, secured his contact number and we started interacting. The person I am talking about is Mr. Dhirendra Bharati and he is a secondary school teacher in a government run school in Rikhiya village, Deoghar, Jharkhand. He has shown exemplary commitment and dedication as a teacher and has been conducting these Mohalla Classes for children who had to suffer significant academic losses due to the pandemic.

In one of our regular interactions, Mr. Dhirendra mentioned the difficulties being faced by him while conducting these classes, especially in communicating, as his vocal cords were experiencing stress in long duration classes in an open field. It was at this moment when it struck my mind that I should be helping this teacher in some form. I asked for his address and thanks to e-retailers I could get a microphone and a speaker shipped to him. He is now using the system and is quite happy that now his voice is able to reach every student of his class. In my mind I was contemplating on an idea of empowering many such teachers so that the voice of education reaches every corner of India, if not the world. More on this Empowering The Educator series in subsequent blogs…



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